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Replacement of Lighted Sign Faces

Upgrade Your Business with Replacement Sign Faces!  Does your business have a need for a different lighted sign? Is your company changing its identity? Maybe your sign needs updated information?

A lighted sign face works for your business long after the sun has gone down. Use lighted sign inserts to change the look, update your information, or customize your sign.  Regardless of the reason, one thing is likely true… you don’t want to replace the entire lighted sign cabinet.

Jaymark Sign makes custom replacement sign faces that you can insert into your current lighted sign cabinet.  You never have to settle for cookie cutter sizes or designs again because your new signage can now be quickly made to match the exact style and look you want in any quantity, even if it’s just one!

Let’s get started by choosing the main ingredient for your custom sign. Since lighted signage is often found outdoors, it is important that the material you choose is durable. It must outlast wind, rain, or anything that Mother Nature or anyone else may throw at it.  Plastic sign faces come in varying levels of durability:

  1. Good – Acrylic and Plexiglass
  2. Better – High Impact Acrysteel and Acrylite SG
  3. Best – Super Impact Lexan, Lexan SG and Polycarbonate

The Lexan Plastic Family is an uncommonly strong sign material that has 50 times the impact strength as standard Acrylic or Plexiglass Plastic.  Lexan Plastic sign materials are commonly used for larger signs, especially outdoor lighted signs. In “high risk” applications where breakage is more likely to occur, we recommend Lexan over any other plastic sign material.

If you have questions about lighted sign styles or aren’t sure which material will be best suited to your application, give us a call or email us, and we will be happy to get you the answers you need!

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