Sandblasted & Routered Signs

Sandblasted Wood, HDU Foam Signs & Router Substrate

When it comes to sandblasted (dimensional) signs, you have two choices. Wood or HDU Foam. At Jaymark Sign, we offer both products. It’s important to know the differences between the two so you make the right choice for your project.

Wood is a 100% natural product that withstands exterior elements and is much stronger and denser than HDU foam. The wood we use, Western Red Cedar, has a typical density of 23 lbs. Most signs made out of HDU foam are 15-18 lbs.  Wood comes in continuous lengths of 20 feet or more, making this much more suitable for signs longer than 10 feet.  When wood is sandblasted, all the beautiful grain and texture of the natural wood is unlocked, creating a truly unique and beautiful work of art with each and every sign.

HDU Foam (High Density Urethane) is a man-made, synthetic foam product. It is manufactured to be a “closed cell” material so it won’t absorb water like wood does, preventing warping and rotting that can occur with wood.   HDU foam is limited as to the length you can get. It comes in a maximum length of either 8′ or 10′. Sandblasting HDU can create two different unique looks: a textured surface that resembles concrete with a rough, pebble look or a grain frame to create a “simulated wood grain look.”

Another choice would be to router any outline or image on a substrate.

We Refurbish Sandblasted Signs

If you have a sandblasted dimensional sign in need of repair or repainting, we offer refurbishing services. Our process involves:

  1. Completely cleaning the sign
  2. Repair any structural damage to the sign (if needed)
  3. Re-paint or stain the sign

When finished, the sign will be returned to almost-new condition and will significantly extend the life of the sign.

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